Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ore Dock Brewing Company

Michigans brewers have peppered the landscape with dozens of different types of buildings, filled with hundreds of different types of beer.  These buildings take on the personality of the owner, the brewer, and the staff.  Take, for example, Founders Brewing Company, which  despite its multiple expansions and vast production capacity, remains strongly tied to its mantra of making beer the owners would enjoy, with a flavor of live music and a strong commitment to Michigan sporting specifically kayaking.

The Ore Dock is no exception, with a personality all its own.  Located in the Upper Peninsula city of Marquette, the Ore Dock takes the no-frills style of the Marquette ore docks from which it gets its name, and ties it to an open and inviting space.  The raw wood sampler platters, lightly finished bar, and high, unfinished ceilings captured the raw, natural beauty of Northern Michigan, while the unadorned cement floor and simple stools and tables lent to a Spartan look.

The Ore Dock shares similar elements with microbreweries that eschew a kitchen in favor of a welcoming space for people to bring their food from other local eateries, and pair that food with the beer available.  While we visited, Ore Dock surprised us with two versions of a fantastically brewed saison, one of which showcased the herbal freshness of serrano peppers.  Our other preferred brew comes as a collaboration with one of the true gems of the Upper Peninsula, The Fitz.  The owners met with the brewer and devised a recipe for a fantastic black Belgian ale.

Whether its your first time to the U.P., or you make your home close to Marquette, the Ore Dock is not to be missed.  The simple comfort, stark beauty, ties to what made Marquette famous, and sparkling personalities of the staff all make a couple pints worth the trip.

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